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Bringing Back Law & Order and Putting Criminals in Jail

The number one job of the Government is to keep us safe. For too long, our leaders have failed at that job. When Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and Governor Tom Wolf sided with criminals and refused to prosecute violent rioters, looters and arsonists in the summer of 2020, Bill stepped in as U.S. Attorney.

Bill put violent rioters who attacked police, destroyed businesses, torched cop cars in the streets, and brought mayhem and destruction to our cities where they belong — behind bars. Our leaders’ anti-police rhetoric and policies have led to a dramatic increase in crime that is devastating our cities and must be stopped.

As Governor, Bill will continue to stand for law and order, support our police and never allow radical politicians to defund them. He will ensure we have a Government that stands with everyday Pennsylvanians, not with the dangerous criminals who threaten our safety.

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