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Creating Jobs, Lowering Taxes, and Improving Our Business Climate

It’s been a rough seven years for the pocketbooks of Pennsylvania families. We suffer from the 4th highest overall tax burden in the country, and our unemployment rate is over 6%, well above the national average. Sadly, Pennsylvania ranks a dismal 41st out of the 50 states in unemployment rate. And the median household income in the Keystone state is nearly $7,000 below the national average.

Already rated one of the worst business climates in the U.S., we’ve repeatedly seen our taxes raised at the pump and we live under a Governor who, at every opportunity, has repeatedly raised the specter of massive tax increases on income and energy.

As if all of this weren’t enough, as a result of Tom Wolf’s rule-by-executive-order approach to governing during the pandemic, 1.5 years of crippling lockdowns have shuttered once thriving small businesses and destroyed livelihoods. We deserve better.

Residents are now fleeing Pennsylvania faster than any other state in the U.S., other than Michigan, New York, California, and Illinois. Families from Erie to Philadelphia watch as their kids leave for jobs outside the state every day. This needs to change.

As Governor, Bill will work to get our economy thriving again. He’ll lower Pennsylvania’s tax burden on working families, cut unnecessary and costly red tape that increases the cost of operating a small business, empower small businesses to grow and create more jobs, and rein in out-of-control spending in Harrisburg.

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