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Unleashing Pennsylvania’s Energy and Lowering Gas Prices

Pennsylvania sits on one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world. Producing 20% of the country’s natural gas, we are the 2nd largest energy-producing state in the U.S. Energy is truly the lifeblood of the Keystone economy.

Without a doubt, Governor Wolf has been one of the most anti-energy Governors in the country. With tens of thousands of jobs directly supported by the energy industry in Pennsylvania (and many more indirectly supported by it), his attacks on the industry are dangerous to our economy.

Pennsylvanians pay the second-highest gas taxes in the country, behind only California. Under Tom Wolf, these taxes have increased, and the cost of filling our tanks has gone up along with it.

Beyond forcing residents to pay extra at the pump, Governor Wolf’s administration has been downright hostile towards our energy producers and the vital jobs they create for our Commonwealth’s economy.

Bill will work to lower the gas tax to give relief to people across the state. He will be an ally to those looking to further develop homegrown energy production like natural gas and clean coal to support lower fuel costs and higher-paying jobs.

As Governor, Bill will fully support and empower energy production throughout Pennsylvania, not disincentivize, demonize, overregulate, and overtax it.

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