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Improving Education and Keeping Critical Race Theory Out of Our Schools

In Pennsylvania, education is our greatest resource. We have some of the best schools in the country. We also have some of the worst. Education should work for all of our kids, not just some.

That is why Bill is a strong supporter of school choice, charter schools, and education reform to improve outcomes and choice for disadvantaged students and increase accountability in underperforming schools.

As Governor, Bill will expand charter schools and other educational opportunities for disadvantaged students and empower teachers – not teachers unions.

What we teach our kids matters, and we must keep radical special interests out of our school curriculums. Lately, we’ve seen far-left groups attempt to hijack curriculums across the country with racist ideologies like critical race theory. This is disturbing and un-American. As Governor, Bill will support legislation banning critical race theory from being taught in our schools.

The story of America is not perfect, but no country has fought harder or sacrificed more to advance the causes of freedom and democracy at home and across the globe than the United States.

We must teach our children about the flaws of the past and how they have shaped our country today. But we must never lose sight of the fact that America is a force for good and a beacon of light for the world. People come here from great distances in pursuit of the American Dream.

We are the greatest country in the world – and that is exactly what our kids should know about the place they call home.

As Governor, Bill will ensure that we have a school system that gives every child the chance to be lifted up and to live their version of the American Dream.

As part of his commitment to putting parents, students, and teachers first, McSwain released the Pillars of Education Reform, which outline his education reform priorities including a pledge to never accept a cent from teachers’ unions, a promise to restore power to parents by enacting a Parents’ Bill of Rights, and increasing educational opportunity for all students via school choice resources:

 In tandem with the Pillars of Education Reform, McSwain also released the Parents’ Bill of Rights, which outlines the powers, authorities, and freedoms that McSwain will restore to parents across the state as Governor. These include the right to an in-person education, the right to know the curriculum that your child is being taught, and the right to have your child educated free from political indoctrination:

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