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Bill McSwain Announces Campaign Finance Committee

West Chester, Pa. — Bill McSwain, Republican candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, today announced his initial Campaign Finance Committee. The Committee is comprised of over 70 prominent community members and supporters from across the Commonwealth who have pledged to help maximize McSwain’s fundraising success through events, community outreach, and personal contributions. 

McSwain had this to say on the launch of the Committee:

I am proud to have support of over 70 prominent Campaign Finance Committee members who have generously donated their time and efforts. Together, we will work toward victory in November and a freer, safer, and more prosperous Pennsylvania for years to come.

Committee Members:

  • Susan and David Banet
  • Thomas E. Beach
  • Sean Bellew
  • Michael Betts and Kathy Condo
  • Frank Brewer
  • Paul Buckley
  • Walter W. Buckley Jr.
  • Joan Carter and John Aglialoro
  • Edward Caufield
  • Robert M. Cavalier
  • Harry S. Cherken, Jr.
  • Alexander Chotkowski
  • Edward Collison
  • Karen Connor
  • Joseph R. Corrato
  • Howard Crawford
  • Richard Dandrea
  • Daniel David
  • Joseph Del Raso
  • Seamus Duffy
  • Steven B. Feirson
  • Wendell Fenton
  • Joel Frank
  • David Frascella                  
  • Thomas M. Gallagher
  • Eric Garrard
  • Edward George
  • Frank Giordano
  • Michael Gleason
  • Robert A. Gleason, Jr.
  • Todd Goodstein
  • Jason Gosselin
  • Jay Hagerman
  • Michael Haggarty Jr.
  • Mary P. Hansen
  • Suzanne and Steven Harris
  • David Harvey
  • David Heim
  • Karen and Andy Hicks
  • David Hillman
  • Ty Howard
  • Jonathan Ireland
  • Eric Lebby
  • Jeffrey Lipson
  • Ryan Loughin
  • Colleen and Micha Lynn
  • James McErlane
  • Michael McGinley
  • Denis J. Meinert
  • Alan B. Miller
  • James Montour
  • Bethanne and Dawson R. Muth
  • Henry N. Nassau
  • John C. Oliver, III
  • Robert F. Powelson
  • Alfred W. Putnam, Jr.
  • Michael J. Rinaldi
  • Susan and Robert Rogers
  • Anthony C. Sciscione
  • Gary Silvi
  • William Simpson
  • John J. Soroko
  • Glenn D. Surowiec
  • Keith Traynor
  • Steven Troncelliti
  • Dmitry Tuchinsky
  • Douglas Tunnell
  • Mary Beth and John Turchi
  • Daniel Unkovic
  • Richard D. Weber
  • Edwin Williamson
  • Samuel Williamson

Appointed by President Trump, McSwain’s record as US Attorney demonstrates his fierce defense of constitutional rights, dedication to upholding law and order, and history of putting criminals and corrupt politicians in jail. 

Prior to becoming an attorney, Bill served as a scout/sniper platoon commander in the U.S. Marine Corps. He was born in Philadelphia and raised in Chester County, where he lives today with his wife, Stephanie, and their four children. More information on McSwain’s background and platform is available here.


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