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Bill McSwain: I will do whatever it takes to protect Pennsylvania

West Chester, Pa.— Bill McSwain, Republican candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, today participated in the second GOP Gubernatorial Debate which took place at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in New Castle, PA.

Throughout the course of the debate, McSwain shared his plans for restoring PA’s economy, promoting public safety and security, and harnessing the Commonwealth’s energy and infrastructure, as well as his support for the second amendment and the importance of defending life. 

In his opening remarks, McSwain asserted that his background as a native Pennsylvanian, U.S. Marine, prosecutor, and U.S. Attorney makes him uniquely qualified to do whatever it takes to bring prosperity to Pennsylvania: 

As a native Pennsylvanian, Marine veteran, a federal prosecutor, and a U.S. Attorney appointed by President Trump, public service is in my blood.  As Governor, I’ll restore freedom and law and order. I’ll ensure that every child receives a quality education. I’ll revive our economy and restore election integrity to our state. Whatever it takes.

McSwain also shared his plan to promote school choice for all Pennsylvanian families: 

I am the only candidate who has issued a Parents’ Bill of Rights, because quality education starts with meaningful school choice. I support public education, and as Governor I will put students, families, and teachers first and the union bosses last – that why I’ve pledged to never take a dime from any teachers union. Every child deserves a quality education that meets their individual needs, and as Governor, I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure they have it.

McSwain’s ‘Parents’ Bill of Rights’ and ‘Pillars of Education Reform’ are available here. 

Appointed by President Trump, McSwain’s record as US Attorney demonstrates his fierce defense of constitutional rights, dedication to upholding law and order, and history of putting criminals and corrupt politicians in jail. 

Prior to becoming an attorney, Bill served as a scout/sniper platoon commander in the U.S. Marine Corps. He was born in Philadelphia and raised in Chester County, where he lives today with his wife, Stephanie, and their four children.


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