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Bill McSwain makes first campaign stop as Republican candidate for Governor in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pa. — Bill McSwain today met with supporters and community members at Cupka’s Cafe II, a local restaurant in Pittsburgh. The event marks McSwain’s first official stop on the campaign trail since announcing his candidacy for Governor of Pennsylvania on Monday. McSwain spoke about his plans to empower small businesses to grow, create more jobs, and encourage increased entrepreneurship among Pennsylvanians by cutting the costly and ineffective red tape that makes it hard for businesses to thrive: 

I will fight with all the commitment I learned as a Marine and a prosecutor to protect the vulnerable and to restore freedom, public safety, and economic and educational opportunity. I will be a governor who will give the job every ounce of energy that I can muster…a governor who will not just show up for you, but stand up for you, your family, and your freedom.

McSwain was joined Tuesday by special guest speaker Sam DeMarco, Chairman of Republican Committee of Allegheny County, who spoke in support of McSwain’s law-and-order promises: 

After years of suffering under Governor Wolf’s failed policies, Pennsylvania needs a leader who has been through the tough fights and won. Bill McSwain is a fellow U.S. Marine and a leader who will stand up for working families, support law enforcement, protect law abiding citizens, and bring transparency to our election system. I’m thrilled to see him enter the race for Governor.

Rich Cupka, owner of Cupka’s Cafe II where the event was located, shared the challenges that he and his colleagues in the restaurant industry have faced in recent years: 

Governor Wolf’s one-size-fits-all approach to COVID clearly demonstrates that he would rather rely on the convenience of blanket policies than recognize the varying needs of small business owners, even if it means a shrinking economy and increased unemployment. Bill McSwain will be a governor who empowers entrepreneurs, not stifles them. He understands that at the root of every strong and prosperous state is a strong economy, and how sometimes the best way for a government to provide support is by giving businesses the space to grow.

Also in attendance was McSwain for Governor Campaign Chair Rick Dandrea who emphasized the importance of electing a governor dedicated to revitalizing Pennsylvania:

With Democrats as the helm, Pennsylvania has had dismal job growth, our cities have become more dangerous with rising violent crime, our businesses have been shut down by heavy-handed executive orders, and the interests of teachers’ unions have been prioritized over our children. Bill McSwain will spur job growth with lower taxes and lesser regulatory burden, restore law and order, promote school choice, and make parents and children our top educational priority. Bill has dedicated his life to serving our country and our commonwealth; as our next governor, he will lead Pennsylvania to a new and better place.”


Appointed by President Trump, McSwain’s record as US Attorney demonstrates his fierce defense of constitutional rights, dedication to upholding law and order, and history of putting criminals and corrupt politicians in jail. 

Prior to becoming an attorney, Bill served as a scout/sniper platoon commander in the U.S. Marine Corps. He was born in Philadelphia and raised in Chester County, where he lives today with his wife, Stephanie, and their four children. More information on McSwain’s background and platform is available here.


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