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Bill McSwain: Josh Shapiro Must Resign

While Shapiro campaigns, Pennsylvania suffers 

West Chester, Pa. — Bill McSwain, Republican Candidate for Governor, today called on Attorney General Josh Shapiro to immediately resign from office. McSwain asserts that to continue acting as Attorney General while campaigning for Governor presents a conflict of interest, and that in his first two weeks of candidacy alone, Shapiro has demonstrated that his priorities lie with politics, not law enforcement: 

I am calling on Josh Shapiro to immediately resign from his post as Attorney General. During his time in office, Josh Shapiro has taken every opportunity to politicize his position and prioritize personal advancement over upholding and enforcing the law. Now, as candidate for Governor, he has  made it clear that he plans to cast aside his responsibilities as AG in favor of the campaign trail. This is unacceptable – and furthermore, it is immoral.

While Shapiro rides around the state in a campaign bus making jokes about sandwiches and cheese sticks, violent crimes are going unpunished and unacknowledged. Only someone lacking in integrity would continue acting as an absentee AG while citizens suffer. Pennsylvania deserves an Attorney General who will put public safety first, and who will not demean the office with political motivations. Josh Shapiro must resign.

Under Shapiro’s watch Philadelphia’s serious crime rate has skyrocketed, surpassing over 440 homicides in 2021 alone, which is an all-time record pace. On Thursday, October 21, in Philadelphia there were five different shootings in which three people were killed and four were injured, including a young child.

Where was Shapiro during this string of horrific crimes? On the day that these shootings took place, he was traveling around Allegheny County in a campaign bus, proudly promoting his mini fridge stocked full of the children’s snack ‘Uncrustables’ and encouraging viewers to follow him on TikTok, unconcerned about the slaughter of citizens under his jurisdiction: 

Tragically, these shootings were just one cluster of violent crimes in a long list of grim offenses perpetrated across Pennsylvania since Shapiro announced his candidacy.

Here are just some of the crimes that took place during Shapiro’s first week on the campaign trail: 

Philadelphia shootings leave 3 dead, 4 hurt, including teenager

“Three people are dead and four others are injured, including a young child, after gunfire rang out across Philadelphia in a matter of hours Thursday. There were five different shooting scenes. Six of the victims were shot in the span of 45 minutes.”

Police urge vigilance after string of armed robberies in busy West Philadelphia neighborhood

“Investigators say two men are wanted for holding people up at gunpoint at all hours of the day and night. They’re after money, cell phones and other flashy items. There were four robberies in a two-day span October 16th and 17th.”

16-year-old girl robbed at knife-point on Broad Street Line, SEPTA police seek suspect

“The man then fled the scene on a southbound train. He exited at the City Hall Station and took a Route 13 trolley going west. The victim reported the incident to SEPTA police. No injuries to the victim were reported.”

A woman on a SEPTA train was sexually assaulted while other riders failed to intervene, authorities say

The alleged rape occurred on the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s Market-Frankford Line on Wednesday night and was a “horrendous criminal act,” SEPTA said in a statement. The public transit authority said other people on the train saw the incident and did not alert authorities.

Four people shot, two others injured at Lancaster’s Park City Center shooting 

“Police confirm that one of the subjects in an altercation between several men was armed with a handgun, and multiple shots were fired in the mall’s JC Penny wing. Three men and a woman were treated for gunshot wounds, all considered non-life-threatening injuries, according to police. Police also say two women suffered minor injuries while trying to run away.”


A native of West Chester, McSwain understands the importance of reducing the economic burden on working families. As Governor, McSwain will revitalize the state’s economy, restore law and order, provide families with school choice, and increase election transparency and accountability. 

More information on McSwain’s background and platform is available here.


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