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Bill McSwain on Josh Shapiro’s candidacy for Governor

West Chester, Pa. — Bill McSwain, Republican candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, had this to say in response to news that Josh Shapiro has officially joined the race:

Josh Shapiro is a career politician who supports higher taxes, bigger government, more regulation, less freedom, and lawlessness. Dedicated to prioritizing his own career over the needs and desires of Pennsylvanians, Shapiro stands for the continuation of the same failed economic and public safety policies of liberal Governor Tom Wolf and would provide no new solutions to put Pennsylvania on a path to prosperity.  Pennsylvanians deserve a Governor who will put their needs first, and who views the office as an opportunity to enact positive change, not as a mechanism for his own professional advancement. It is time for a Governor who will stand up and show up for our citizens, and I plan to be that Governor.

As a U.S. Marine, former U.S. Attorney appointed by President Trump, and a principled conservative, Bill McSwain is the best candidate to defeat Shapiro and restore much needed fiscal discipline and public safety to Pennsylvania. Driven by a desire to serve, McSwain has a proven track record of upholding law and order, putting violent criminals in jail, and fighting back against dangerous policies that threaten the safety or personal freedoms of those he is sworn to defend. 

A native of West Chester, McSwain understands the importance of reducing the economic burden on working families. As Governor, McSwain will revitalize the state’s economy, restore law and order, provide families with school choice, and increase election transparency and accountability. 

More information on McSwain’s background and platform is available here.


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