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Bill McSwain Raises Over $1.4M in Q1 2022

Pre-Primary Cycle 1 Report 

West Chester, Pa. — Bill McSwain, Republican candidate for Governor, on Tuesday reported  $1,410,000 raised during pre-primary cycle 1, which ran January 1 – March 28, 2022. 

The $1,410,000 total reflects McSwain’s strongest fundraising quarter to date, including:  

  • The contributions of 1,832individual donors, 90% of which were $100 or less 
  • Donations from 52 Pennsylvania counties

The strong result demonstrates Bill’s rapidly increasing support among Pennsylvanians who are ready to elect a conservative outsider who will stand up to career politicians in Harrisburg, uphold law and order, and restore our economy. 

McSwain’s fundraising has grown exponentially since announcing his run for Governor in September 2021:

From 2021-2022 to date, McSwain has raised $2,985,288 from 10,099 individual donors representing 65 of 67 Pennsylvania counties. These reported totals are in addition to the funds invested in the campaign by Commonwealth Leaders Fund, which endorsed McSwain in January 2022.

McSwain had this to say about the Q1 filing: 

I am incredibly grateful to the many friends and supporters from across the Commonwealth who have joined me at fundraising events, contributed online, and who are ready to elect a conservative outsider as Governor who is committed to protecting individual rights and putting Pennsylvanians first. 

Together, driven by our shared dedication to a robust economy, public safety, school choice for all families, a reinvigorated energy industry, and secure elections, we will work towards winning the nomination in May, victory in November, and a freer, safer, more prosperous Pennsylvania for years to come.

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