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Bill McSwain Urges Lawmakers to Pass Lifeline Scholarships

West Chester, Pa.  Bill McSwain, Republican candidate for Governor, today urged lawmakers to swiftly pass Lifeline Scholarship legislation to rescue children across Pennsylvania who are trapped in underperforming schools: 

I’ve toured schools and I’ve spoken with parents and students—and the need to ensure children have access to the best possible education is immediate and critical. From Governor Wolf’s school shutdowns to underperforming or even dangerous schools, students across Pennsylvania have endured too much for too long. We can’t wait any longer. Students need rescue—they need a lifeline. The time to act is now. As Governor, I will advocate for school choice for every Pennsylvania family and child.

Currently pending before lawmakers, Lifeline Scholarships would offer scholarships to public school students who attend schools in the bottom 15 percent in terms of lowest performing schools. These scholarships could be used for approved educational expenses, including curriculum, tuition, and tutoring services.

McSwain previously signed the Education Freedom Pledge, which asserts in part that parents have the right “to take their children’s taxpayer-funded education dollars to the education providers of their choosing – whether it be a public, private, charter, or home school.”

McSwain continued: 

As Governor, not only would I immediately sign Lifeline Scholarships into law, but I would also sign any legislation that prioritizes students over bureaucratic systems. This includes legislation that expands tax credit scholarships, legislation that establishes educational savings accounts, and legislation that ensures education funding follows the child to the school of his or her family’s choosing.  For too long, politicians have prioritized systems over students. I will change the conversation, prioritize students over systems, and ensure Pennsylvania is a state that offers equal educational opportunity to every child, in every family, in every community across our Commonwealth.

Appointed by President Trump, McSwain’s record as U.S. Attorney demonstrates his fierce defense of constitutional rights, dedication to upholding law and order, and history of putting criminals and corrupt politicians in jail. 

Prior to becoming a prosecutor, Bill served as a scout/sniper platoon commander in the U.S. Marine Corps. He was born in Philadelphia and raised in Chester County, where he lives today with his wife, Stephanie, and their four children.More information on McSwain’s background and platform is available here.


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