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Bill McSwain Visits Bradford County

Originally published in The Daily Review, authored by Philip O’Dell

TOWANDA BOROUGH — A gubernatorial candidate made his way to Bradford County on Friday to hear some local concerns.

Republican candidate William McSwain met with Bradford County Commissioner Daryl Miller at the Bradford County Courthouse to discuss topics like the local energy industry and employment in the region.

“There are thousands of people who rely on the energy industry and natural gas production here, so I want to be a pro-energy governor,” he said.

McSwain plans on visiting all 67 counties in Pennsylvania for his campaign and is concerned with residents leaving the commonwealth for other states, which he wants to changed by creating more job opportunities.

“Populations follow the jobs, so we need to bring jobs to Pennsylvania and make it into a destination, not a place to leave,” he said. “We want to have a Pennsylvania where families stay and businesses come here and provide jobs and we take advantage of our energy resources.”

McSwain said he is a family man who loves spending time with his four children and wife, Stephanie of 25 years, whom he met in the 4th grade.

“I love my family and I want my kids to have opportunities where they can stay in Pennsylvania and don’t feel like they have to go elsewhere to pursue a career,” he said.

McSwain is a former U.S. Marine and attorney, who later became a prosecutor and was appointed by President Donald Trump to served as the U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Republican gubernatorial candidate William McSwain (left) visited Bradford County on Friday and discussed topics like employment and the energy industry with Bradford County Commissioner Daryl Miller (right).

He described himself as a conservative outsider who has never run for public office before and that he’s not a career politician who views his position as steps on a ladder.

“I am focused on what Pennsylvanians need, instead of my own career or advancements,” he said. “The three issues that I care the most about are good jobs, good schools and safe neighborhoods.”

For good schools, he wants to provide educational opportunities to all Pennsylvanians because he said that he’s grateful for his own education as a native of Chester County.

“We also need to get our economy moving by supporting small businesses, instead of destroying them, which is what Gov. Wolf did during the pandemic,” he said.

He said public safety is what he spent his professional life advocating for in roles as an assistant U.S. attorney, a trial lawyer in the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Eastern District of PA and as a presidentially appointed U.S. attorney.

“We need to stand up for law abiding citizens and that starts with supporting law enforcement,” he said. “When police feel supported, they are proactive in their policing and that’s what protects people.”

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A native of West Chester, McSwain understands the importance of reducing the economic burden on working families. As Governor, McSwain will revitalize the state’s economy, restore law and order, provide families with school choice, and increase election transparency and accountability. 

More information on McSwain’s background and platform is available here.


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