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Hillary Clinton, Biden, and Wolf Donors Flock to Dave White

White’s pre-primary cycle 1 fundraising comprised primarily of Union PACs and Wolf, Shapiro, DNC donors 

West Chester, Pa.— The McSwain for Governor campaign today shared that funding reports released by the White campaign show that Dave White is heavily supported by Union PACs who have also given to Josh Shapiro, Tom Wolf, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden. 

Excluding self-funding, Dave White raised $768,531 in Q1 2022. Of this, 49%, or $374,000, was from Union PACs. These same PACs have donated: 

  • $2,146,158 to Josh Shapiro and Tom Wolf since 2014 
  • $2.5M to Hillary Clinton 
  • $8M to Democrat groups since 2015, including donations to the DNC to help elect Joe Biden in 2020 

McSwain campaign spokesperson Rachel Tripp had this to say about the report:

Liberal Democrats have flocked to Dave White because he reflects their values – bigger government and higher taxes. A candidate’s supporters reflect his priorities, and White’s priorities resonate with Clinton, Biden, Shapiro, and Wolf donors, who know that they can rely on White to protect their interests.


– In a February 14, 2022  interview with Chris Stigall, Dave White said that Pennsylvanians have “accepted” the gas tax. He also has a history of supporting the gas tax during his time as a Delaware County Councilman. 

– In 2017, White was exposed for raising property taxes and for pocketing $10 million in government contracts.

– In 2014, the all-Republican Delaware County council, of which White was a member, voted to raised taxes by 2.8% to pay for a $20.4 million spending increase 


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