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September 13, 2021

Bill McSwain Declares Candidacy for Governor of Pennsylvania

West Chester, Pa. — Bill McSwain today announced his candidacy for governor of Pennsylvania at an event in his home town of West Chester. Surrounded by supporters and joined by his wife Stephanie and their children, McSwain pointed to his experience as US Attorney and his time in the US…

September 14, 2021

Bill McSwain makes first campaign stop as Republican candidate for Governor in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pa. — Bill McSwain today met with supporters and community members at Cupka’s Cafe II, a local restaurant in Pittsburgh. The event marks McSwain’s first official stop on the campaign trail since announcing his candidacy for Governor of Pennsylvania on Monday. McSwain spoke about his plans to empower small businesses to grow,…

September 15, 2021

Bill McSwain speaks to crowd of Johnstown activists: “I will get the government off your back”

Johnstown, Pa. — Bill McSwain today visited Johnstown to speak with local Republican activists about issues facing their community. Also in attendance were former Chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party Rob Gleason and Cambria County Republican Party Chairwoman Jackie Kulback. The stop marked McSwain’s third day of campaigning since officially…

September 15, 2021

Bill McSwain tours Pittston construction company, shares plan to revitalize Pennsylvania’s economy

Pittston, Pa. — Bill McSwain today toured the Linde construction corporation to meet with community members and share his plan to empower small businesses to grow, create more jobs, and encourage increased entrepreneurship among Pennsylvanians by cutting the costly and ineffective red tape that makes it hard for businesses…

September 15, 2021

Bill McSwain visits American Legion to address Harrisburg media

Harrisburg, Pa. — Bill McSwain today spoke to members of the media at a press event in Harrisburg, introducing himself as a tough on crime candidate who will do whatever necessary to ensure a safer, freer, and more prosperous Pennsylvania:   I will fight with all the commitment I learned as a…

October 13, 2021

Bill McSwain on Josh Shapiro’s candidacy for Governor

West Chester, Pa. — Bill McSwain, Republican candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, had this to say in response to news that Josh Shapiro has officially joined the race: Josh Shapiro is a career politician who supports higher taxes, bigger government, more regulation, less freedom, and lawlessness. Dedicated to prioritizing his…

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